Accounting & Reporting for Mining
Get Expert Advice on Addressing Your Key Accounting and Reporting Challenges
Toronto, Ontario · November 7, 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia · November 21, 2017
8:00 - 9:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:00 - 9:00

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Training Seminar Leader(s)
PDAC/CPA Canada Committee Releases and Key New Topics + OSC/CSA Compliance Reports and Staff Notices
Reversal of Impairment in an Improving Market
  • Overview of IAS 36 Impairment of Assets
  • Key consideration for mining entities applying the requirements of IFRS with respect to reversal of impairment
  • Learn how to identify indications of reversal of impairment
  • Individual asset vs. cash generating unit
  • Disclosure practices
Preparing Your Organization for Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) Reporting
  • Evaluating the Act and how it will impact your organization
  • Implementing ESTMA and understanding what you are required to report
  • Current developments and examples in the understanding application of the Act
  • Planning for additional reporting for payments to Canadian Aboriginal entities
  • Attestation option: director/officer vs. external auditor
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
12:00 Luncheon Break 12:00

Alternative Financing Sources for Mining Companies
  • New Crowd funding Legislation
  • Streaming agreements (AKA resource streaming or metal purchase agreements)
  • Forward purchase and prepay agreements
  • Offtake agreements
Canadian Government Proposals for Major Changes to the Taxation of Private Corporations
  • What do proposed changes mean for mining entities and its business practices
  • Passive Investment Income
  • scope of the tax on split income
  • Proposed changes to lifetime capital gains exemption restrictions
  • Tax issues for Canadian subsidiaries of foreign mining companies
  • Minimizing tax exposure and risk
  • Flow-through shares, resource expenses, and capital cost allowance
IFRS 15 - The New Revenue Recognition Standard
  • Overview of IFRS15
  • Identify when to apply the new standard
  • Impact on mining and metals entities
  • Key considerations in application of the new standard
  • Accounting for fixed and provisionally priced commodity sales contracts
  • Assessing the impact on take or pay and other long term arrangements
  • Reassessing process and information systems
IFRS 16 Leases - Interactive Overview of the New Standard
  • Learn the new standards effects on mining entities
  • Key principles
  • Accounting by lessees
  • Accounting by lessors
  • Presentation and disclosure
  • Transition requirements
5:00 End of Program 5:00

The mining industry continues to go through a difficult period and new accounting challenges have emerged as a result. The CSA's regulatory expectations have evolved, and mining companies continue to struggle with issues like ESTMA, new legislation for crowdfunding and alternative financing, revenue recognition, and proposed changes to taxation for private corporations.

INFONEX's Accounting and Reporting for Mining has been designed to update you on these and other critical issues in just one day. Our facilitators will draw upon their specialized expertise to ensure that you can return to your office with the tools and strategies you need to confront the challenges in front of you.

The intimate format of our seminar will give you ample opportunities to ask questions and discuss your specific challenges with colleagues and facilitators.

This seminar will be your best opportunity this year to get a comprehensive one-day update on the issues that matter in mining industry accounting. Join us in Toronto or Vancouver to prepare yourself for the challenging year ahead. Register today!

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